22 August 2010


Top Shizuka Yokomizo - Stranger No. 2 1999
Middle Lee Friedlander - New York City, 1966

"The UK is now one of the most surveyed countries in the world, with images relayed on camera phones, youTube or reality TV. We have an obsession with voyeurism, privacy laws, freedm of media and surrveillance. Exposed confronts these issues and their implications head-on"

I visited the Exposed - Voyeurism, surveillance & the Camera exhibition at the Tate Modern this week. As part of my SI proposals for next year i wanted to explore the idea of privacy in todays society. The exhibition showcased images, some iconic from the late 19th century to now.

One of the most influential pieces from the exhibit was Shizuka Yokomizo's series Stranger, which examines the relationship between the self and the other.

Yokomizo sends her subjects an anonymous letter proposing they stand in the front window of their home at a specified date and time, at which point the artist arrives outside, sets up her tripod and camera, exposes her film, and then leaves. The subjects are instructed to turn on all their lights, wear their usual clothing, and remain still—or if they choose not to participate, to signal this by drawing their curtains.

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